Step Sister-Jennifer Donnelly

Jennifer Donnelly, author of Step Sister, succeeded eloquently in presenting a lesser unknown, brighter side to a widely beloved and unexpectedly dark tale. This is the tale of the ugly stepsisters and the beautiful orphaned maiden, a tale of Chance and Fate. The book begins by describing a gruesome scene of two step-sisters, named Isabelle and Octavia, cutting off their toes at the persistent demands of their mother to win over the Prince. Unsurprisingly, they are unable to fruitfully carry out this endeavor and instead Ella, the elegant step-sister who is a victim to the hate and cruelty of her step-family, catches the Prince’s attention after which they live happily ever after. This is where the classic tale ends, where we are told to believe all tales should end. But, for Isabelle and Octavia this is only the beginning.

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